Privacy Policy

NAUHSRC Distance Education Privacy Policy

The privacy and confidentiality of your information is important to us, and we want you to be fully informed about any use of your personal information as you engage in online education at the NAUHSRC. We limit access to your personal information to employees who we believe are required to access that information in order to provide products or services to you or in order to do their jobs.

The NAUHSRC collects personal information when you register for a program or class, and this information may be integrated with other personal information you provide in order to offer you the best possible educational experience. The NAUHSRC utilizes physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that comply with federal regulations in order to ensure the security of all of your personal information.

The NAUHSRC uses cookies and other web site technology to maintain the consistency of your online experience and provide you with information specific to your program of study. We may use some of the information about the way students use our website to collect anonymous data that will help us better serve our distance education students.

Our servers may record data about visitors to our website such as the user’s IP address as well as URL, browser and date and time information.

The NAUHSRC will never share, license, sell or in any other way provide your personal information, whether directly offered by you or collected as part of your education at the NAUHSRC or as an alumni, to any third party without your consent with the exception of information required by law or any legal investigation, or to prevent fraud or imminent harm, or to otherwise maintain the security of our network and services.

Your personal information may be used to offer you information or consultation regarding your field of study or to bring you information based on your requests and/or your stated areas of interest, or to provide you with information from the school about its policies or procedures. Your information will never be used to offer you any promotional or advertising material from any third party.

Your personal information will be used to deliver the specific services you are entitled to receive upon enrollment.

Student blogs, discussion forums and other public or student-accessible areas of the website may require personal information in order to access these features and connect a student user ID with blog or discussion post to ensure the integrity of these areas of the website. The NAUHSRC reserves the right to reject anonymous posting of student blogs or discussion forum comments, but will never publically post your email or specific contact information or any other personally identifying information on any site feature accessible to the student body or general public without your permission.

The NAUHSRC may use your personal information for auditing, research and analysis purposes in order to operate and improve our website and educational services.

Any third parties contracted or employed by the NAUHSRC to process aspects of your personal information, from tuition fees to educational software, will agree to apply with the terms of our Privacy Policy and take all measures to ensure confidentiality and security.

You may be asked to provide personal information before accessing website specific pages or being signed up to receive emailed information about courses, registration, and other features of the NAUHSRC. This information will be used solely to reply to your requests or provide you with requested ongoing informational newsletters. You will always have the option to discontinue receiving any informational newsletters or email promotions you have requested.

Some Web site features may use applications to collect data to facilitate an e-commerce transaction. The NAUHSRC stores the credit card transaction approval code to complete and track each transaction. At no point will the NAUHSRC retain any part of your credit card number.

You reserve the right to refuse to provide personal information to us and to reject all cookies in your browser; however these actions may make aspects of the website or online education non-functional. Students who do not wish to conduct distance education online are encouraged to review options for shipping of course materials.

We agree to act in good faith to let students review their personal information and make any corrections regarding errors.

From time to time, our Privacy Policy may be updated or altered. While we will act in good faith to notify students of any significant changes to NAUHSRC policies by posting notices on the website news section, changes to this section constitute full notice. Please check this policy periodically for updates. We reserve the right to change or modify the Privacy Policy at our sole discretion at any time. Any change or modification to the Privacy Policy will be effective immediately upon posting by us. In all cases, your continued use of the NAUHSRC website after publication of such modifications, with or without notification, constitutes binding acceptance of any modified Privacy Policy.

Usage Agreement

By using the NAUHSRC website, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with use of your personal information as set forth in this Privacy Policy, please do not provide us with your personal information or interact with the website.

Privacy of Information related to Educational Requirements

Your personally identifiable information is used to track your participation, progress and completion of courses you have enrolled in at the NAUHSRC. Necessary information to complete coursework and provide you with appropriate educational feedback is shared with your instructor or instructors, any may be shared with teaching assistants or other individuals designated by the NAUHSRC for the purposes stated above. Your educational information will be archived as part of your student record.