What is the NAUHSRC?
The NAUHSRC is the North American University of Holistic Science And Research Center.

Is the NAUHSRC an accredited institution recognized by the government?

The NAUHSRC is licensed by the state of Washington. A new school is not yet eligible for accreditation but the NAUHSRC will meet accreditation standards and be recognized by boards of holistic medicine until such time as it is eligible for accreditation. Please watch our website for news.

Is the NAUHSRC a government-run or private college?
The North American University of Holistic Science And Research Center is an autonomous private institution that is registered with the state of Washington.

What is the meaning of Holistic Science and Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)?

“Holistic Science” and “Complementary and Alternative Medicine” (CAM) are terms applied to health care that utilizes natural methods of healing and maintaining wellness. It offers an alternative to conventional medical treatment focused on the use of prescription, pharmaceutical and addictive drugs and invasive procedures. Holistic Medicine treats the whole person, and is aware that the mind and body are parts of a whole system that must be balanced in order for an individual to be healthy.

Is the Complementary and Alternative Medicine method of treatment recognized or approved by established health care authorities?

Yes. The World Health organization has long recognized the vital role of traditional medicine in health care and the United Nations UNICEF Manual for Community Health Worker emphasizes the role of alternative and traditional medicine. In the United States, research into alternative medicine is conducted at numerous prestigious medical institutions, including the National Institute of Health’s National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine and the Harvard Medical School’s Osher Center for Integrative Medicine.

What are the Goals and Objectives of the NAUHSRC?

The North American University of Holistic Science and Research Center strives to promote public awareness and provide education in the fields of Holistic Science and complementary and alternative medicine. The college is also committed to expanding the body of knowledge of holistic science and complementary and alternative medicine through original research and the study of traditional medicines and healing methods. Most importantly, the NAUHSRC offers students comprehensive training and certification that will enable them to become qualified practitioners of Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

When was the NAUHSRC founded and why?
The American College of Holistic Science and Research Center was founded in 2013 for the purpose of providing education in the field of holistic science and complementary and alternative medicine. The NAUHSRC’s mission is to offer continuing education in holistic medicine as well as comprehensive career training and certification to those wishing to become full time CAM practitioners

What is the overall goal of the NAUHSRC?
The goal of the North American University of Holistic Science And Research Center is to bring complementary and alternative medicine practitioners from diverse fields of holistic medicine together to share knowledge and make the collective healing wisdom of humanity more widely available. In addition, the NAUHSRC seeks to solve common problems facing alternative health practitioners though networking and community building.

Why is the NAUHSRC needed?
The NAUHSRC believes that safe, cost-effective and time-tested methods of healing need to be made available to those unable to afford conventional health care as well as those seeking alternatives to conventional medicine. Furthermore, with ever greater numbers of conventional medical practitioners seeking reliable information on alternatives to costly and often-dangerous drugs and invasive procedures, the NAUHSRC will act as a central source for information about the many strands of alternative healing. The NAUHSRC will foster connections among existing holistic practitioners and provide education and training for a new generation of healers.

What are the benefits of becoming an NAUHSRC Certified Practitioner or receiving a Bachelor’s Degree from the NAUHSRC?
Certified and degreed practitioners receive training that prepares them to practice Complementary and Alternative Medicine. They earn a certificate or degree bearing a registration number that entitles the practitioner to be listed on the school’s official Registry of Practitioners.

Is the Certified Practitioner Certificate and degree recognized as a valid credential?
Certification awarded by the North American University of Holistic Science And Research Center signifies an extensive body of knowledge and in degree program graduates also have completed one year of hands-on clinical experience. Holistic medical education, like any other medical school, does not grant one license to practice and students will still be required to meet appropriate licensing and legal regulations in their jurisdiction.

Does the school offer practical, hands-on training?
Yes. Practical training is part of all degree programs and the NAUHSRC will provide students with options for completing the clinical practice requirement in their area whenever possible. Students with prior hands-on experience may submit an Experience Certificate to receive credit for their previous training and healing work. Practical training requirements will be waived for students with the requisite prior experience.

Are there NAUHSRC courses for those already practicing a form of medicine?
Yes. The NAUHSRC is committed to continuing education and offers courses to expand and deepen the knowledge and skill set of all practitioners. NAUHSRC courses provide the opportunity for current practitioners to gain certification in additional fields of alternative and complementary medicine.