Timeless Traditions, Modern Healing

The field of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) and Holistic Science includes all systems of medicine that are not based on the prescription of pharmaceutical drugs or invasive procedures. This diverse group of healing practices includes many traditions, each with its own unique curative properties. Each individual practitioner builds on their personal experience and the training they have received. Healing wisdom may be passed down from one’s ancestors, learned from other practitioners, or even revealed through spiritual experiences that illuminate teachings that bring healing to the world.

Though the formal teaching institutions of Western medicine may not recognize the value of traditional knowledge or wisdom gained from spiritual experience, all our ancestors the world over learned in this manner. Modern practitioners of holistic medicine not only draw upon traditional methods of learning, but also have access to textbooks, extensive hands on training programs and schools, and a wide body of online information and resources.

Holistic Medicine is Everywhere
Holistic medicine utilizes plants, trees and the many gifts that nature freely provides in order to restore and maintain health and wellness. Leaves, bark, roots, flowers and seeds have all been used for medicinal purposes in traditional culture across the planet, and the world around us still offers its healing secrets. If we have the wisdom to listen to nature, we will learn that healing for everyone is always available.

When we awaken to the richness of natural wisdom, we find that the home remedy we need at this very moment is right under our nose, on the kitchen table, in the refrigerator, in the cupboard, or growing in the garden. Common everyday items such as lemon, garlic, ginger, coriander, onion, cloves, pepper, black cumin, and coconut water all have curative properties. The home remedies our grandparents used may have been replaced by modern medicine, but we are coming to realize that the time-honored ways of our elders were not simply “old wives’ tales,” but a wealth of profound knowledge about the body and how to take care of ourselves and our families.

Our Vision
Our goal at the North American University of Holistic Science and Research Center is to compile all the information we can discover in the field of Complementary and Alternative Medicine and Holistic Science. We study the healing methods of traditional cultures and the vast body of knowledge of the most respected branches of alternative medicine such as Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, and Homeopathy, while researching the effectiveness of more recently discovered natural healing systems. Our goal is to take this knowledge and make it readily available and accessible to everyone; empowering the community by teaching all who wish to learn the skills to achieve bodily health and spiritual and mental well being.

An Invitation
Quality health care is everyone’s birthright, and the benefits of holistic medicine are available for you and your family right at this very moment. Whether you are currently a practitioner of any form of medicine wishing to expand your knowledge and ability to heal, or simply a concerned member of the community who cares about improving your health and that of others, we invite you to explore our offerings at the North American University of Holistic Science And Research Center and consider becoming a certified or degreed practitioner of holistic medicine. Let us give you the training to practice your chosen area of holistic healing wherever you may be, bringing health and healing to the world.