Naturopathy and Yoga

Certified Practitioner of Naturopathy and Yoga


Students are required to complete the naturopathy certification program

CLASS CODE    CLASS TITLE                                       

NATYOG 101   Introduction to Yoga as a Healing Art

NATYOG 201   Yoga as Complementary Medicine

NATYOG 301   Yoga for Disease and Chronic Pain

NATYOG 401   Yoga Practice for the Naturopathic Practitioner

4 classes, 8 credit hours



NATYOG 101               Introduction to Yoga as a Healing Art

The spiritual and physical balance attained by the practice of yoga is well known, but medical yoga utilizes the yoga asanas to promote and attain health. Lower back pain, depression, respiratory and skeletal ailments respond well to medical yoga treatment, while stress relief techniques lower blood pressure and bring about mental focus that helps with conditions such as ADHD. Students explore yoga philosophy as a spiritual, mental and physical discipline, the current popularity of yoga, and the health benefits of everyday yoga practice.

NATYOG 201               Yoga as Complementary Medicine

Yoga practice and breathing techniques effectively enhance the healing power of any naturopathic medical treatment plan. This class explores methods for integrating elements of yoga into each area of holistic medicine, and the general value of including yoga as part of an overall wellness plan. Students also learn when the use of medical yoga is contraindicated.

NATYOG 301               Yoga for Disease and Chronic Pain

The use of yoga for sufferers of multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and arthritis is reviewed as part of the practice of low intensity or gentle yogic practice for chronically ill individuals and those recovering from injury. Students learn how yoga helps with obesity and lifestyle issues as well as depression, attention deficit disorder, and other psychological conditions. Examples of the effective integration of yoga into case specific naturopathic treatment programs are reviewed in detail.

NATYOG 401               Yoga Practice for the Naturopathic Practitioner

This class explores the best methods for the Naturopath to receive qualified yoga instruction and either teach yoga directly to their clients or work with trained yoga instructors who incorporate medical yoga into their teachings. The integration of yoga and naturopathy is studied with examples from successful practices, and the practitioner learns effective ways of communicating with clients about incorporating yoga into a holistic lifestyle plan.