Enrollment Information

Admission Requirements
Students who wish to enroll in any NAUHSRC program must be at least 18 years of age. Students without a GED or high school diploma are required to take a standard ability to benefit test to determine their academic suitability for courses at NAUHSRC. All students will be given a distance learning questionnaire prior to enrollment to ensure that distance education meets their educational needs.


Transfer of Credit
Each school of holistic medicine has a unique emphasis and teaching method, thus credits from other schools may not be accepted towards certification and degree programs at NAUHSRC. All requests for transferring credits shall be examined on a case by case basis. Credits may only be transferred from classes that are compatible with the curriculum and teaching methods practiced by the NAUHSRC. Transfer of NAUHSRC credit is at the discretion of the receiving school, and no transfer of credit is guaranteed by the NAUHSRC.


International Students
At present, all NAUHSRC instruction is conducted in English. International students without US academic credentials are requested to submit transcripts and educational credentials for evaluation by the NAUHSRC prior to acceptance.


Fees and Tuition
There is an initial registration fee of $50, and each credit hour costs $50. All courses are two credit hours unless otherwise noted so that students easily determine the length and cost of any NAUHSRC program. All course materials including eBooks and online study aids are included in the course fee, as is unlimited access and use of all NAUHSRC online resources and access to instructors and student advisors. However students receiving hardcopy textbooks and other shipped materials may incur shipping fees and may be required to order or purchase books. Students are required to meet all financial responsibilities before graduation credentials will be issued.


Financial Assistance, Payment Plans, and Student Loans
It is part of the mission of the NAUHSRC to make holistic health education affordable and viable for everyone, and various payment options are available. Students experiencing financial hardship may be eligible for loans or sliding scale payments. Please contact the NAUHSRC for more information about these programs. Students who take out bank loans should keep in mind that these loans are independent of the student’s success at the NAUHSRC, and are financial obligations that the student incurs and agrees to repay regardless of their success or lack thereof at the University.