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About The North American University of Holistic Science and Research Center

In order to meet the increasing demand for highly trained and skilled practitioners of holistic medicine, the North American University of Holistic Science and Research Center (NAUHSRC) has been founded to offer a wide range of courses in complementary and alternative medicine and holistic science. These courses are offered through hands on training, classroom studies, and home study through interactive online distance education. The extensive curriculum allows healing professionals and interested members of the public alike to deepen their knowledge and skills.

Degree and Certification Programs

Degree programs offer comprehensive holistic training for students seeking to become full-time holistic medical practitioners, and include a period of hands on clinical experience prior to graduation. Certification courses provide extensive knowledge without the clinical component and have fewer prerequisites. The NAUHSRC offers certification and degree programs to American and International students through comprehensive courses based on the latest research in complementary and alternative medicine.

Continuing Education for Conventional and Alternative Practitioners

Practitioners of conventional Western medicine can choose from a variety of courses enabling them to integrate elements of complementary and alternative medicine into their established practice, while current practitioners of holistic medicine will find courses enabling them to incorporate additional branches of holistic health into their healing repertoire.

Healing Wisdom Classes for Everyone

To honor the NAUHSRC’s belief that everyone deserves access to holistic and affordable health care, we offer a variety of introductory classes to teach members of the general public about natural healing and holistic medicine.

Accessible, Comprehensive Education

In contrast to the unnecessarily complex jargon of mainstream medicine, NAUHSRC courses are taught in accessible, non-technical language. This enables beginning and advanced students alike to receive the greatest benefit from their education and fully understand the extensive knowledge base and practical applications of their chosen field. Full-time healers will find the in-depth and comprehensive curriculum invaluable to achieving their career goals as they bring health and well being to clients, while members of the public interested in using holistic medicine for themselves and their families will learn effective and safe healing techniques while cutting down on costly medical bills.

Learn at Home through Distance Education

The NAUHSRC knows that many people who wish to study holistic medicine have demanding careers or academic and familial responsibilities that make full-time study impossible. Others who wish to take courses at the University cannot attend classes in person, while healers with existing practices must fit their studies into an already hectic schedule. That is why the NAUHSRC places such an important emphasis on home study distance education.

We believe that every single person with a desire to learn should have the opportunity to do so at their own pace at home, and our distance education programs give students the freedom to adjust their studies to fit their own schedule. Distance education at the NAUHSRC is no less comprehensive and personal than classes attended in person, and every student receives an in-depth education that includes personal contact with instructors and fellow students and access to all programs and research material available to on-campus students.

Join Us on Your Journey of Holistic Healing

Each person in the world of holistic medicine brings a ray of healing light to our world. We look forward to getting to know you better as a student of the NAUHSRC and sharing our knowledge with you. To find the programs that will best serve your own healing goals, we invite you to review the offerings in our catalog. (please insert LINK to catalog)

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